Who me? 

I had NEVER in my life shared "My Story" ..."My Testimony." In fact, I had purposely kept my mouth shut when it came to me and my personal life. I'm an outgoing person who loves shining the spotlight on other people. I love promoting other's talents. I didn't even realize I had a testimony. I was sure of my relationship with God, but I didn't see my life as a testimony. 

That all changed one rainy night in Nashville, when I least expected it, almost two years ago now. An industry friend invited me to an intimate private industry event he was having..for what I learned later ..was for believers. I thought I was going to a meet and greet to make connections and meet others in the industry. I did not know my friend's higher purpose for the gathering. 

Like he did to everyone that night, he put me on the spot...and said "tell us your story ...not your bio...but your story." I was a nervous wreck. I wanted to slip out. I was in a very fragile state during a very vulnerable time in my life. I realize now that God chose this time for me to start putting the spotlight on HIM, by sharing my journey. I had only shared most things with a couple of trusted people and my pastors over the years and it was more of a means of therapy than testimony. 

 As I started I had made up my mind that I was going to give my bio in bullet points.. before I knew it.. BAM... I got REAL. After hearing the REAL testimonies of others, I could not stand there and sugarcoat my life. This particular night was the first time I had ever shared my roller coaster journey in life...well... a lot of it. A ride which at times had been thrilling and other times had ripped my heart out, but through it all God revealed to me that he was right there with me, hearing my prayers.

While I was sharing my trials..regrets...victories..It struck me....God had used everything..the promotions, the favor, the introductions..everything! Everything, including the devastations, the stresses, the mean spirited acts of others, even the betrayals. God used them all and turned things around to move me, benefit me and yes...bless me. I realized God used events to prepare me for what he knew was ahead. Nothing has taken God by surprise.

That rainy night was the first time I started to connect the dots in my life while looking back. I realized God has always been with me, drawing me closer to Him. He has a plan and a purpose. NOTHING BUT NOTHING AND NO ONE, IS GOING TO STOP HIS PLAN FOR YOU, IF YOU STAY IN PRAYER.

I'm learning how to give my testimony...share HIS story ..even though I know ..that I know..that I know...my journey is not over...I have a long way to go. I am living life with a purpose. I'm putting the spotlight on HIM and HIS wonderful love. If God is for you? Who can stand against you?