The word “Suddenly” appears 87 times in the Bible. It usually is followed by a description of man being in a state of fear, or confusion or both. OUT OF THE BLUE events are written about from Genesis to Revelation. Yes, God is full of miracles and surprises. Throughout time, God has shown his power to changed things, people and situations instantly and at other times HE has shown HIS patients and mercy in allowing time for an evolution of events to occur to bring on change. ULTIMATELY, the Lord protects and rewards HIS faithful followers, while giving others many opportunities to change. God moves by moving us. 

I lost my entire core when I moved from my home of Hendersonville, Tennessee to the new city of Austin, Texas last year. As difficult as it has been, I know without a doubt that God was behind this move. One night in the Spring of 2016, I was texting to a friend some frustrations I was having with various situations, after my divorce. Earlier in our conversation, I had told him how much I was enjoying the frequent trips to Austin on business and how much parts of it reminded me of Nashville in some ways and Southern California in others. OUT OF THE BLUE, my friend made the statement, “Why don’t you just move to Austin and start all over again?” Moving had never crossed my mind and certainly not far away from my family and friends, so I quickly typed out, “If God wants me in Austin, HE has to figure it out because I am so stretch financially I can’t even think about moving anywhere! I have 2 homes here; one has been up for sale for a year and the other I just purchased last year. So if HE wants me in Texas HE has to do it. I'm too busy to think about it."  We soon ended our conversation and I didn’t think anything else about it.

The very next day, OUT OF THE BLUE, at 8:30am, a lady from the neighborhood rang my doorbell. She was just checking in on me. I came across her mind the week before and she had been praying for me, she added. I thanked her and assured her I was fine. I don’t really know why I said this, but I chuckled and added, “I’m thinking about moving to Texas, but other than that I’m doing well.” I really hadn’t been thinking about moving at all. It was only brought up the night before, so I really don’t know why that came out of my mouth, but it did.  She then proceeded to offer to purchase my new home for cash with a quick closing date. I was stunned and silently recalled the text from the night before to my friend. Her husband came that afternoon to verify the offer.

The following day, OUT OF THE BLUE, my attorney emailed me to inform me that my ex husband had offered to buy out my half of our home and wanted to close quickly, if I agreed to his price. I could not believe that in less than 48 hours, I had cash offers for both houses without doing one thing. Because I have had many privacy issues, understandably there have been some who have questioned the strange timing of events, but because I have stayed in prayer, earnestly,  this entire time, I choose to believe and stand on Romans 8:28

“ALL THINGS, work together for GOOD for those who loves the Lord; according to HIS purpose.”

I immediately took my son, Solomon, on a quick trip to Austin to get his thoughts. To my surprise, on the 3rd day, he turned to me and said “I can see my self here, Mom. Whatever you decide is fine by me.” Hendersonville was the only home he had known. All of his childhood friends were there, so you can image my shock at his openness to move. There wasn’t a lot of notice when Moses finally shouted “HEAD OUT! “ and though Pharaoh’s offer might have been less than honorable, it was still in God’s plan. So, like the Israelites, Solomon and I packed up and headed West. That fast!  AUSTIN, TEXAS HERE WE COME! 

Since our move, I have had to find, through trial and error, a new home, church, school, neighborhood, new friends, new bank, new accountant, new attorney, mechanic, new yard men, handyman, plumber, new dentist and a new doctor, just to name a few people and places, which one takes for granted, until you face starting all over again. I have had to pray for discernment and guidance every step of the way. While at times it has been a bit isolating, it has been a great blessing in many ways. It has given me a greater dependence upon the Lord and HE has never let me down. 

I can honestly say that this journey has also given me a new perspective on the Israelites as they wondered through the desert. We all like to read the accounts in the Bible and proclaim how “We would never do that!” However, as hard and painful as it was, I’ve had to stop myself, on more than one occasion, from looking back at my "Egypt" and focusing on the many material comforts I received. I have had to redirected my thoughts on God’s provision, shield, blessings and the many opportunities HE is giving both me and my son. This move has made me aware how our thoughts determine our attitude, which then determines our altitude. 

“For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.” - Jeremiah 29:11

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” - Isaiah 43:19 NIV

It has taken some time, but once a scab formed over my scars, my eyes were opened. I stopped the grumbling and started giving thanks and praising God. The quiet time has given me time to reflect upon my faults, my failures, over the years. The distance has given me space to forgive and place things at Jesus' feet.  The healing and peace are flooding in now. I recognize my many blessings not only now but throughout my life. I am thankful for HIS provisions, HIS mercy, HIS hand in my life. This season is still hard at times, uncertain and challenging, but I know that I AM NOT ALONE.

I am certain that OUT OF THE BLUE, GOD’S WILL will prevail. HIS plans and HIS purpose will be revealed as we look back.